Over 8 years we help companies reach their digital transformation goals. YITEC is a values-driven technology firm dedicated.



643 Pham Van Dong, Hanoi, Vietnam

+84 24 7109 9234

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Software Innovation

YITEC is a company focused on researching and developing technological solutions for businesses located in Hanoi. We have researchers, engineers, and strong connections with top universities’ AI labs in Vietnam.

Founded by AI enthusiasts and talented engineers, our mission is to make technology works for all businesses!

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Technology stacks

Javascript, Python, .NET, PyTorch, AWS

We support a wide range of programming languages. Our majors are Python and JavaScript, and our minors are C++, C#, Java, R, and Go Lang.

We have experience with many development frameworks like ReactJS, ExpressJS, FastAPI, Flask, Flutter, React Native, Tensorflow, Pytorch. We also master MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

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Core Team

Meet our talented and creative leaders

Anh Nguyen Ngoc

General Manager

Aiden Tran

Chief Solution Officer

Tung Cao

Chief Information Officer

Son Le

Chief Technology Officer

Nguyen Hoang Minh

Principle Engineer Head


3D Simulation Head

Dat Vo Chi

Web Tech Lead

Thanh Do

Cyber Security Engineer

Viet Dung

Research Advisor Head

Tran Thanh Ha

Board Member

Minh Dinh

AR Lab Head
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We focused on
AI & Web Application

We have talented researchers and experienced developers in AI and Web App
AI Research and Development 50%
Website, App and game development 30%
Other software development 20%