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The problem

Clever Group is Vietnam’s largest digital marketing enterprise, with a market capitalization of 1 trillion VND. CMetric is a component of the Clever Group’s eco-system designed to support data analyst operations.

They are building a system that collects and analyzes data from Vietnam’s major e-commerce platforms in order to provide users with analytical insights about the e-commerce market.

Our solution

Collecting data from the majority of e-commerce platforms is the first issue to be solved. Reverse engineering, network capturing, and browser emulation are just a few of the techniques we’ve used to scrape and gather all product data from the internet.

We implemented sharding and load balancing to enable the storage and query of millions of records and created a cloud architecture to assist in automating and maintaining the entire system.

We used artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to recognize emotions in comments in order to provide insight about how users react to products.

As a result, Clever Group is assisting Vietnamese shop owners in creating their own online empires and has successfully launched the Shop Metric product.

August 18, 2021
AI, Data, Development
Clever Group